Thursday, November 22, 2012

What is Mayor Wall Grateful For?

We asked Mayor Russ Wall what he was grateful for on this Thanksgiving. Here is his list:

1. My wife, kids, and grandkids. I am grateful to have a family that supports me in the things I enjoy doing. They stand behind me even when life is rocky and I love all of them.
2. Volunteers who help make the city a better place and save us money.
3. Employees and contractors who are the life-blood of the city. Nothing happens without our employees - our roads are paved, lawns get mowed, emergencies are handled.
4. Our businesses who help generate sales tax revenue that pay for the services we all need. They add to the quality of life to our residents.
5. Those who provide our public safety and emergency services. We are honored to be part of the Unified Police Department and Unified Fire Department.
6. Well-maintained and safe parks for my grandkids to enjoy.
7. Neighborhood watch groups who are taking charge and taking a stand against crime in their neighborhoods.
8. CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) volunteers who spend countless hours training for something that we hope never comes.
9. The Taylorsville Food Bank and those who are thoughtful enough to donate to it to help those less fortunate.
10. People who are willing to put themselves out to run for public office. I am grateful for those who are courageous enough to make hard decisions for residents of our city, county, state and nation. Thanks to our city council - Councilmembers Burgess, Overson, Johnson, Barbour and Rechtenbach - for all they do for the city.
11. Religious organizations in the city who provide an opportunity to worship how we please. I am grateful for that freedom of religion.
12. Beautiful mountains that surround us and provide beauty and recreation.
13. Signs of recovery in our recession. I still think of those who continue to struggle and wish the best for them in their individual situations.
14. Friends and neighbors. I am also grateful for the many new friends I've gained as a result of being involved in the city.
15. People willing to share their talents - acting in plays, singing at "Taylorsville's Got Talent," or displaying their art.
16. Grateful for the privilege of serving as Mayor. It is an honor to represent the 60,000 people here in Taylorsville. I appreciate their patience and forgiveness when I have made mistakes.
17. A great education system that teaches our kids from preschool through college. It will prepare them to make our world a better place.
18. Many non-profit groups that take care of people when they are down and provide assistance.
19. That I can look out my window and see an American flag flying and remember the many freedoms that I enjoy. I am so grateful for the men and women who have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice for these freedoms.
20. Two dogs and a rescue cat at home that love me unconditionally, no matter what my political philosophies are.
21. I am grateful for Atomic Fireballs, Life Savers Wint-O-Green, and Hershey Chocolate Candy bars.
22. I am grateful for the way residents of Taylorsville give back to their community, help their neighbors, and make this a great city to live in. I love hearing the many great stories of residents who are every day doing something to help their neighbor or community.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

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