Wednesday, December 19, 2012

City Council Summary 12/19/12

The city council meeting began with a visit from Santa! The elected officials were in a closed-door meeting and suddenly a mystery Santa showed up and walked in to their meeting and shooed them all out. None of them knew about his visit and it caught them by surprise, but it was very entertaining to the audience!

Mayor Wall introduced a new employee - Rhetta McIff, a long-time volunteer, was hired to work in the neighborhood revitalization department. There was also an appointment of Andrew T. Johnson as an Emergency Response GIS Volunteer. 

Judge Marsha Thomas was appointed by the mayor as the Presiding Judge of the Taylorsville Municipal Justice Court. The Presiding Judge takes care of the administrative services in the court. 

Rob Wood, CPA, performed the audit on the city. His findings showed a clean report of our financial statements. Wood said everything was well managed and John Inch Morgan gave "kudos" to our finance staff for all their hard work.

Fire Battalion Chief Jay Ziolkowski and Mayor Wall recognized a group of men from Les Schwab Tire and Taylor's Bike Shop for their work to help evacuate the Legacy Care Center during a fire. These men helped to rescue residents and provide care for them.

Employees from Taylor's Bike Shop are recognized for their help
Rhetta McIff, chair of the LARP (Leisure, Activities, Recreation, Parks) committee, gave a report for the committee. She reported on the community gardens, the Arbor Day event, working with the Azure Park neighborhood, and the Taylorsville Urban Iditarod. McIff also introduced the idea of a public market for Taylorsville.

A report from Kelly Davis, Animal Services Director, was presented. He introduced Best Friends, a group that has partnered with the animal shelter to help the goal of a "no kill" shelter. The animal save rate went from 58 percent in 2011 to 82 percent in 2012. Once the save rate reaches 90 percent, it is considered a "no kill" shelter.

Staff from Best Friends and the WVC/Taylorsville Animal Services

The council approved an amendment to the Taylorsville General Plan and Zoning Map for property located at 6068 South Redwood Road. This was just a housekeeping item to make sure the entire area there is consistent.

Mayor Wall reported that after plans to get the entire county to join VECC for emergency communications, Sandy City has decided to pull out. Since they provide 12 percent of the budget, it could change the direction that Taylorsville may go in providing 911 services.

An economic development project area was adopted for the 100 acre property commonly referred to as the "UDOT property" on 6200 South Bangerter Highway. The intent of the project is to create a funding source for infrastructure needed to create an employment center on a now-vacant parcel of land. The council voted unanimously to approve the concept plan and budget.

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