Friday, December 7, 2012

City Council Update 12/5/2012

Tonight we had the opportunity to hear from our Youth Council Chair, Erin Penrose. She reported on the many service projects that the council has participated in, including Thanksgiving dinners for those in need and a coat drive.

Police Chief Tracy Wyant presented the following awards:

Division Commanders Award
Lieutenant Mike Schoenfeld
Detective Aaron Lavin
Detective Jaren Fowler
Detective Denise Ikemiyashiro

Citizen Award - for assisting in the safe apprehension of a criminal:
Cheryl Feld
Katie Wickman
Presented by Officer Juston Ellis

Unified Fire Authority Battalion Chief Jay Ziolkowski presented a report on fire services provided in Taylorsville during the previous quarter. He referenced statistics for calls for services and addressed questions from the council regarding callouts. He acknowledged that overall calls are up for the quarter referenced, and cited new records management personnel. Ziolkowski discussed community services offered by the UFA – described plans to bring the annual “Guns and Hoses” event to Taylorsville.  Proceeds will go back into the community.

Economic Development Committee Chair Lee Yates presented a report via Power Point on recent activities of the Taylorsville Economic Development Committee. He referenced the Economic Development Plan created by Wayne Harper and stated that input was given by the Economic Development Committee.  He highlighted input on the plan provided by the committee. Business retention visits were made by committee members and positive feedback was received from businesses regarding city services. Yates mentioned that the committee has been able to give feedback on the city slogan and an economic development promotional video. He also outlined goals of the committee for next year. The committee is looking forward to the Holiday Open House next week.

City Administrator John Inch Morgan referenced the recommended adjustments to the FY 2012-2013 Budget.  He described technical adjustments to recognize a $300,000 increase in sales tax revenue, grant revenue, etc. and the need to identify approximately $2 million to cover the contract for fire services. The council voted unanimously to approve the mid-year budget adjustments, including a $1.3 million reduction of the city's fund balance (savings account) to cover the shortfall caused by not joining the Fire District. The council postponed several capital projects (bike lanes and some traffic safety projects) and studies, but found that the operational budget was extremely lean and felt that taking funds out of fund balance was the most responsible option.

Mayor Russ Wall concluded the meeting by giving information on the West Valley City/Taylorsville Animal Shelter. His goal was to see the shelter have "No Kill" status by 2014. He said that Best Friends Animals Society has been helping the shelter and the save rate is now 82 percent. Great progress has been made and the goal to be designated as a "No Kill" facility should be met soon.

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