Monday, January 14, 2013

City Council District 3 Appointment

We will keep this list continually updated with those who have applied for the District 3 City Council seat. Applicants have until Friday, January 25 at 5 p.m. to apply and the city council will interview them and appoint the new council member at a special city council meeting held on Wednesday, January 30 at 6:30 p.m.

Here are the applicants to date:

Matthew T. Dill
5526 Hugoton Drive

Daryl Gudmundson
2681 Sharron Drive

Bradley W. Christopherson
2264 Ben Fox Circle

Tally Pond
6159 Karos Circle

Richard T. Morley
6537 S. Redwood Road #11

Jeremy Stauffer
2522 W. 6255 S.

Dave Ballou
6498 Appomattox Way

Milton C. Witt
2155 Hammond Drive

Applicants must reside in District 3, have lived in Taylorsville for at least 12 months, be a registered voter, and not have any convicted felonies.

In addition to filing the required Application for Candidacy form, qualified applicants are requested to submit to City Recorder Cheryl Peacock Cottle, the following information. Please be aware that all documents submitted will be classified as public record:
1. A statement of qualifications (not to exceed 200 words).
2. A written description of the applicant's vision for the city. This statement may be in addition to the 200-word statement.
3. Resume or vita, as well as any other materials each applicant believes would be helpful to the council in making an informed decision.

On January 30, each applicant will be asked to respond to the following questions and be given a three minute response per question. Numbers will be placed in a bowl and drawn by each applicant to determine the interview order.
1. Why have you submitted your name to be considered for appointment to the Taylorsville City Council?
2. If you were appointed to the city council, what legislative issues and priorities are you most interested in pursuing?
3. Please share your understanding of the separate roles of the city council and mayor (administration)?
4. Please share with the council your past service to the city, either as an appointed volunteer, a community project participant, or in any other capacity.
5. City council members have the charge to represent the service delivery and quality of life issues of the residents in their respective districts. Council members approach this duty in a variety of ways. In addition to the required city council meetings, members of the council who are well engaged often spend 25-36 hours per week working on city issues and consulting with citizens and staff. Please discuss your ability to dedicate sufficient time to this position of service.
6. What is your fiscal philosophy? Under what circumstances would you consider tax increases and/or bonding?

Other potential questions (second round):
7. Please provide an example of your greatest accomplishment or an activity of which you are most proud.
8. Please share your experience with legislative matters.
9. How willing are you to receive and implement constructive feedback from your constituents and others you work with?

The person appointed to fill this position would need to run for election in November 2013, as this term goes until December 31, 2013. They would have another election in November 2015 during the regular election year of the District 3 council member.

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