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City Council Update 1/16/13

The 1/16/13 city council meeting began with Councilmember Johnson's cute 5 year old granddaughter leading the Pledge.

Police Matters
Ed and Cindy Nielsen are residents in District 4 that were recognized by Police Chief Tracy Wyant and Detective Jennifer Gober for their assistance in a police matter. They called about some suspicious activity in their neighborhood and that resulted in some stolen property recovered.

Chief Wyant also recognized Detective Aaron Lavin as the November 2012 Officer of the Month. Lavin observed a significant delivery of marijuana (20 lbs, worth over $50,000) that was seized, as well as $61,000 in drug money. He has been working with the Federal authorities in this case. He was recognized for his immediate response to a citizen complaint and professionalism in handling this case.

Chief Wyant recognized Detective Scott Lloyd as the December 2012 Officer of the Month. Lloyd observed an active assault and his use of deadly force saved a young woman's life. He was applauded for his ability to immediately assess this dangerous situation and respond accordingly. Lloyd was given a standing ovation by the elected officials and those in attendance at the council meeting.

Councilmember Johnson said, "I've been out with the police officers many times. We have the best group. Thanks again, you guys are great!"

Economic Development Update
Economic Development Director Donald Adams gave a report on the economic development progress of the city. He mentioned we have a few wins and one loss. One of the wins is a new technology company going into Sorenson Research Park that will bring 40+ jobs to the city. Another company in Sorenson Research Park is expanding. This medical company will bring another 70+ jobs into the city and $8.5 million in investment.

The loss is a Taylorsville company that was looking to expanding, adding 1000 new jobs. Taylorsville did not make the short list for the expansion and the project is expected to land in Draper or Midvale. :(

Another exciting announcement is the development of the UDOT property, now called Bennion Point Business Park. This 121 acre business park is located at 6200 South, just east of Bangerter Highway. We will do a blog post in the near future highlighting this specific project.

Adams also announced a new Utah retailer coming to the western part of the city. This retailer will bring $15 million in new sales per year and has a desired opening in summer 2013.

Marketing for economic development includes an email campaign to economic development partners, developers, tenants and brokers. We will also link the info in the EDCU newsletter. New branding for the economic development department was introduced and a marketing video will come out next month.

Snow Plow Info
Kevyn Smeltzer from SL Co Public Works gave his report. Of particular interest was the discussion on the snow plowing. Because of budget constraints, snow plows are directed to plow cul-de-sacs the following day if overtime is being used. Residents also need to be aware that below 22 degrees the salt melt slows down and below 17 degrees it doesn't melt at all. Sometimes the snow is so packed that plows can't plow again without damaging the road.

Court Report
Judge Marsha Thomas gave a court report and cited a dramatic drop in case filings and reviewed statistics for such. She described case types: Traffic – 74%; Misdemeanor – 18%; Small Claims – 8%.  She gave clarification on an increase since the Council approved traffic patrol overtime. Expenses are outpacing revenues and they are focusing on decreasing expenses, streamlining processes/increasing compliance.  There are some areas where expenses are decreasing, i.e. indigent defense, interpreter and transportation as a result of lower caseload. They are not re-hiring two personnel positions. There is a continued analysis of expenses. Thomas also described ways that the court is streamlining processes and increasing compliance. She also cited collaboration with UPD on contacting defendants with outstanding warrants.

City Council Boundary Changes
When the state and county redistricted, some of the precincts did not line up with council boundaries.  Ordinance Review Committee Chair Monnica Manuel presented the preferred option which includes making district boundaries consistent with precinct boundaries and also moving the Ivory Highlands subdivision from District 4 into District 3 to better balance the populations. The council voted unanimously to make the change to the boundaries. Here is the old boundary map and then the new map:
Old Council Boundaries

New Council Boundaries

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