Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mayor's Identifies Priorities in State of the City Address

Today Mayor Jerry Rechtenbach gave his first State of the City address. Rechtenbach identified his top three priorities – public safety, economic development and neighborhood revitalization.

The new mayor wants to make sure UPD officers have more of a presence in the nine elementary schools throughout the city. “We will be starting a program to help teach values, accountability, anti-bullying, and self-esteem,” Rechtenbach said. “We will also still focus on traditional law enforcement concerns – drug awareness, gang resistance, and stranger danger.”

He told residents that a new fire station will be need to be built to better serve the southern part of the city. Since one of the city’s two current fire stations needs to be rebuilt, he announced that city leaders are looking at a “hybrid station” that could meet in the middle of the two areas of need and could house two fire companies. “This would save taxpayers $2 million dollars,” said Rechtenbach.

Rechtenbach said that sales tax revenues have been trending upward for over a year and the city enjoys an excellent bond rating. “But we must focus on economic development as a means of preserving quality of life in the city and stabilizing our tax base,” he said. “Businesses want to locate in communities that take pride in themselves, and people want to live in neighborhoods that are safe and attractive. For that reason we have assembled a Neighborhood Revitalization Team.” He said the city is enlisting planning interns to take part in a city-wide neighborhood inventory that rates neighborhoods on items such as streetscape, sidewalk condition, landscaping, code enforcement, crime, and a number of items.

“Taylorsville has made significant strides in recent years and months,” Rechtenbach concluded. “I firmly believe that working together as a team, with our citizens and businesses as partners, the best is yet to come.” 

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