Wednesday, March 6, 2013

City Council Summary 3/6/13

Mayor's Report
Mayor Jerry Rechtenbach reported on some legislative bills and gave an update on interaction with our police department and our nine elementary schools. The mayor and police chief met with all the school principals to talk about some programs they would like to introduce in the elementary schools.

Lee Ellen Stevens was appointed as vice-chair of the Ordinance Review Committee.
John Purvis was appointed to serve on the Green Committee.

Youth Council Report
Sidnee Huff reported on the Youth Council's preparations for Utah State where they will learn leadership skills and compete against other Youth Council's throughout the state.

Fire Report

A report by Battalion Fire Chief Jay Ziolkowski noted that Taylorsville did not have any major fire incidences in the past quarter. He said 85 percent of the fire/emergency calls are medical calls. Approximately 15 percent are fire calls. City Administrator John Inch Morgan reiterated that the reason our fire/emergency response times are good is because the amount of mutual aid we receive from outside fire stations. West Jordan, Murray, West Valley, and other UFA stations help with many of the Taylorsville calls. Our stations help with their calls, but it is very lopsided and we take in more than we assist with.

Neighborhood Revitalization
The city is starting an Adopt-a-Street/Adopt-a-Park program. Groups can sign up to take a street or park to help with beautification. A sign will be placed along the street recognizing the group in charge of the street.

Comcast Cares Day is the city's day of service. It will be on Apr. 27 and the city hopes to get over 800 volunteers. Comcast provides breakfast, lunch and t-shirts for participants. The city has made a list of beautification projects.

Other items
The council heard from several entities who were interested in the Community Development Block Grant funds.

The city approved an interlocal agreement with Salt Lake County to provide election services for this year.

The City Council amended the ordinance for Community Councils. This means that the city is divided into 10 districts. These groups will meet monthly and discuss issues that are relevant to their neighborhoods. They will give input to elected officials on city matters. The City Council is hoping this will increase citizen involvement and that they will get a better feel on what needs of the community are. On Monday's blog post we will highlight exactly what this ordinance change means and how the Community Councils in Taylorsville will work. Stay tuned!

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