Monday, March 4, 2013

Participate with us in The Great Utah Shakeout!

On April 17, Taylorsville staff will be participating in the Great Utah Shakeout. City staff will be setting up equipment in our council chambers for activation of our Emergency Operations Center. This exercise will allow staff to simulate their response to a 7.0 earthquake along the Wasatch Front. The intended outcome of this exercise is to see if the simulated response will reflect the written emergency plans and procedures. 

It is important for all residents of Taylorsville to take advantage of this “Shakeout” as well. Writing, practicing, and evaluating your family emergency plans will help your family feel confident that in a disaster situation, they have a game plan and will know what to do. It is particularly important to teach children in an age-appropriate way, how to prepare for a disaster and have confidence that they will receive the help they need even if it takes a little while. 

Please take this opportunity to prepare by going to and sign-up to participate in a manner that fits your family and where you are in the preparedness process. You can put together a 72 hour kit or go through an existing one. You can go over your family emergency communication plan, test neighborhood emergency plans by activating your neighborhood block program or CERT teams. You can simply prepare dinner as if your utilities were not working.  You can do an evacuation drill at your place of work. The website has ideas on how you can get involved and protect your family. For more information regarding local emergency planning and how you can be involved, please contact your city Emergency Response Coordinator, Lisa Schwartz at

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