Monday, April 29, 2013

Park Fire, Sinkhole, and Service Projects

What an interesting weekend in Taylorsville! This past weekend we had hundreds of volunteers come out to help with our citywide service project. We also had a few emergencies - someone set a fire at Bennion Park, and we had a sinkhole at 5400 S. 3200 W. Here is a recap of each of these events:

Comcast Cares Day, the city's largest service project ever, had over 600 people help with more than a half dozen projects throughout the city. 

The event began with registration and breakfast and a few words from Mayor Rechtenbach:
Councilmember Brad Christopherson (Dist 3), Mayor Jerry Rechtenbach, Councilmembers Kristie Overson (Dist 2), Dama Barbour (Dist 4), Ernest Burgess (Dist 1), and Senator Wayne Harper kick off Comcast Cares Day in Taylorsville.
 Volunteers went to their assigned project. At City Hall some kids painted birdhouses to hang at the Jordan River:

We had over 100 volunteers at the City Hall Community Gardens. They moved a lot of mulch!

The Taylorsville High School football team came and helped...

Along with Girl Scout Troop 2532 and many other residents...

Here's a handsome volunteer with a tan hat on (my husband, Matt). These guys spent the morning building garden boxes for our community gardens.

Over at Millrace Park we saw the Taylorsville High School girls softball team...

The Freedom Shrine park at 4500 S. 600 W. looked fabulous, as did the Jordan River Parkway. We saw employees from American Express here helping. 

The tunnel at 4500 South and the Jordan River Parkway got some color. Volunteers had fun painting...

I couldn't help but show my Tville pride!!

We sure appreciate the hundreds of volunteers who came out to take part in making the city a more beautiful place. Comcast will be donating money to the city for each volunteer who participated. Thanks to Comcast for all they did to make this day a great one!


The Eye of Sauron? A burning ring of fire?? Or is this just a boring old sinkhole?

Well it was anything but boring. The sinkhole was about 4 ft wide and the hole underneath ran approximately 20 ft deep. This happened around 4:50 p.m. on Friday, April 26. A car bottomed out while driving through the intersection at 3200 West 5400 South and alerted UDOT to the problem. 

After waiting for the utility companies to come blue stake their utility lines, UDOT immediately began working on it.

They found that an old pipe had corroded which caused the roadway to be washed away.

UDOT worked all night installing a new pipe and fixing the road. By Monday morning they had everything all finished and the road was read for the morning commute.

These photos are courtesy of Spencer Braithwaite, who witnessed the fire at Bennion Park, located approximately 3200 West 5600 South. (Ironically right down the street from the sinkhole.)

Fire investigators are still looking into this and anyone with info on who was responsible is asked to call police at 801-743-7000. They believe someone set fire by the playground equipment and used some sort of accelerant. Damages are estimated to be $12,000. City officials say the equipment will be replaced and will be looking for input from the children in the community on what kind of playground they would like to see.

Like I said... lots of excitement in Taylorsville this past weekend!

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