Monday, April 1, 2013

Zip Code Issues??

City officials met with the Salt Lake Postmaster, post office officials, and representatives from Senator Hatch and Congressman Matheson’s offices. We were concerned about mail delivery issues due to the zip code change. It seems that a few people have had trouble receiving their mail as of late.

Here are some things we learned: Any zip code that begins with 841, is funneled through the Salt Lake City post office. Any zip codes that begin with 840, go to a completely separate facility. Residents who continue to use the 84084 zip code, will now have their mail returned. The post office is doing this so that residents will make sure their correct address has been communicated to those who may send mail. (It has been 18 months, after all!) When the new zip code first went into effect in July 2011, the post offices were very accommodating. They would continue to deliver any mail addressed to any city and any zip code. After six months, they started putting labels on mail addressed incorrectly, to remind residents to update their address. It has now been 18 months, so they are returning mail addressed insufficiently.

Here are some things you can do to help this situation. First of all, make sure anyone who may possibly send mail to you has the correct address. This includes both the correct city and zip. If you have mail addressed to “West Jordan,” it will be returned. The post office machinery only recognizes “Taylorsville” or “Salt Lake City” for the 84129 zip code.

If you come in contact with a business who does not have an updated system, please insist that they have their IT department contact the post office. All businesses have post office reps who can help them. Anyone who is having issues or has questions, can contact 1-800-ASK-USPS.

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