Friday, May 31, 2013

Budget Open House

Last night we held a Town Hall Open House. Over 40 residents came and spoke with elected officials and staffers about city issues. The most popular issue brought up at the meeting was the budget and proposed tax increase. Some residents told us they had heard that the budget and tax increase were a done deal. That is simply not true. The city council continues to gather research, get information, listen to feedback, and try to come up with innovative solutions to balance the budget. They will hear from the public next Wednesday, June 5 and continue to discuss, debate, and delete items from the budget, if necessary.

For those who couldn't make the meeting, I've taken photos of the storyboards that were on display:

This Electronic Plan Review is in this year's budget. As we look to attract good business to the city and to help build our revenue, we want to be as business-friendly as possible. This software allows businesses to submit their plans electronically, rather than come into City Hall.

Additional funding for better maintenance of parks and streetscapes is also in this year's budget. By better maintaining the city, we help attract businesses, improve property values, and keep good families in the city.

Here are some crime stats from our Taylorsville UPD Precinct:

As a city we have to continually invest in infrastructure and keep our roads maintained. Deferring this maintenance gets more expensive over time.

Taylorsville currently spends less money per capita on economic development than most cities in the valley. Some residents feel we should be doing more to invest in the city.

At the International Conference of Shopping Centers, our economic development staffers and elected officials were able to meet with some great potential businesses:

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