Wednesday, May 1, 2013

City Council Update 5/1/13 - Budget Intro

The city council meeting began with the Mayor's report of all the things that happened in Taylorsville this past weekend. Between our Comcast Cares Day, Bennion Park fire, and sinkhole, Taylorsville had a lot going on. You can get details on these items from this post.

Trace Sondrup was appointed to the Green Committee and Ellen Christensen was appointed to the Arts Council.

The Youth City Council elected their leadership for 2013. Those shown in this photo are: Abby Oligario, council member; Katie Clark, recorder; Emmy Beck, council member; Kendra Petersen, vice chair; Jasey Wyatt, chair; Spencer Braithwaite, mayor; Tyler Newton, council member.

The city's tentative budget for 2013/2014 was introduced tonight. There is a shortfall in the budget of $2.3 million, which would compute to a 47.3 percent tax increase. (Remember that your Taylorsville tax is a small percentage of your overall tax. Some people think of their $1500 property tax bill and figure 47% of that. That is not correct. It is just on the Taylorsville portion. For a $197,000 home, that would equate to $9.40 per month or $112.80 per year in additional tax.)

Councilmember Christopherson recognized members of our city Budget Committee. These residents are CFO's, controllers, CPA's and other professionals who bring expertise to the table on a completely volunteer basis. They will be reviewing the budget and advising the council during this process.

Councilmember Johnson made a motion to approve a resolution which approved and acknowledged receipt of the tentative budget.

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