Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Council Summary 6/19/13

Tonight at the Taylorsville City Council meeting, the council voted unanimously to appoint Andrew Brown to the Budget Committee.

The Council also heard from Pam Roberts, Executive Director for Wasatch Front Waste and Recycling District. The new billing process has started out rocky, but she assured that they are still the same great people providing the same great service. They are encouraging recycling because it is cheaper to drop off recycling  materials than waste material. Wasatch Front Waste is starting a subscription Green Waste program. For more information, see The annual cost is $115 and it is an optional service. Taylorsville represents the largest city in the service district with 16.6 percent of their customers. Taylorsville residents gave Wasatch Front Waste with a 97 percent rate in their satisfaction survey.

Aimee Newton, communications director, gave a report on the city's communications. The city uses a variety of mediums to keep residents and businesses informed - newsletter in the center of the Taylorsville Kearns Journal, e-newsletters for both residents and businesses, print and TV media, and the website and social media. She talked about social media - this blog, YouTube channel, Facebook page, and Twitter account, and showed the council demographics and stats for some of these mediums. She showed examples of media coverage to get good news about Taylorsville out to the general public, and how it has also been used for economic development efforts.

A proposed land development code amendment was considered. This proposal amended the section of the Taylorsville Land Development Code for side yard setbacks in the R-1-10, R-1-15, R-1-20, R-1-30, and R-1-40 zoning districts.

The council discussed the discharge of fireworks and specific areas of the city where they cannot be discharged. has an interactive map with more info on firework dangers. A map was shown of areas where fireworks are prohibited. These high risk areas include open space along the freeway, Jordan River, parks, and empty lots.

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