Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Council Summary 7/17/13

At the City Council meeting, we had some fun presentations:

Mayor Rechtenbach and Fire Battalion Chief Jay Ziolkowski presented an award:

"On June 14, Medic Engine 117 of Taylorsville and other fire personnel responded to the report of a house fire near 1100 West and 4800 South. Thick black smoke and flames were already coming from the residence upon their arrival. Just prior to this, a Murray City firefighter, Phil Roberts, and a KSL photographer, Mark Wetzel, were each driving past the home when they saw smoke coming from the eaves. Each stopped to help, notified 911 dispatchers, and then proceeded to notify the occupants inside about the fire. There were two residents inside, and these men helped them leave safely before the fire engulfed a good portion of the home. We appreciate and recognize Phil Roberts and Mark Wetzel for their service to our Taylorsville community. Their willingness to stop, and their quick actions potentially saved two lives."

The Mayor also introduced our new community councils. There are 10 districts - two in each of the five city council districts. Here are the people who were approved as the community council leadership:

Chair - Jason Wyatt
Vice Chair – Daren Sandstrom
Chair - Jerry Milne
Vice Chair - Kim Passey
Secretary - Connie Watkins
Chair - Dean Paynter
Vice Chair – Karen Christofferson
Chair - Dave Ballou
Chair - Cathy Jeffs
Vice Chair - Joyce Jackson
Secretary - Kristine Carson
Chair - Doug Arnesan
Vice Chair - Kory Cox
Secretary - RaAnn Foote

As you can see, 1A, 2B, and 4A do not have any volunteers to begin their community council. If you are interested in being appointed, please contact Mayor at Those appointed will serve until the end of the year, and then leadership will be elected within the individual community councils. Here is the map:
Jim Dunnigan, Chair of the Taylorsville Dayzz Committee, gave his report on 2013 Taylorsville Dayzz. We had record crowds this year, with over 20,000 people attending on Saturday night. This year we had hot air balloon rides, which were popular, as well as our inaugural Movie in the Park. Other favorites included the Exchange Club parade, ABBA concert, Utah Symphony, Taylorsville Symphony, sky divers, 102 food and craft booths, almost 200 entries in the car show, and of course, the best fireworks in the valley! Dunnigan listed those volunteers on the committee:
Steve Ashby, John Gidney, Gordon Wolf, Aaron Knutz, Bob Westbrook, Carol Crockett, Debbie Barton, Duane Phillips, Elaine Waegner, Jay Ziolkowski, Kent Geis, Nancy Henderson, Ray Havens, Rex Burnett, Richard Flink, and Susan Holman. The council told the committee how much they appreciated their hard work and thousands of hours donated to make Taylorsville Dayzz a success!

An Economic Development report was presented Donald Adams. He said it's been difficult making up for years of misperceptions and incorrect data about Taylorsville and its market trade area. Brokers and tenants are responding positively to our efforts to inform, advise, educate and tour. Tenants are looking, but have a long list of demands.

Things developers and retailers are saying about Taylorsville: They like the location and geography, demographics are acceptable, city and centers look old and worn, the city needs to clean up, landlords must update their centers, the city must invest in its infrastructure for access, beautification and mobility, incentives are critical.

Several food establishments will be announced in the coming weeks that will be locating in the 5400 South Redwood Road area.

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