Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Guess Taylorsville's New Restaurant!!

Taylorsville is getting a new restaurant!! It is the FIRST FRANCHISE IN UTAH. We are going to have a contest and let you guess who is coming to Tville. Every day for the next 10 days we will post a hint on our Facebook page (and here on this blog post), and the first person to correctly guess will win a free meal at this restaurant when it opens in October. Make sure you post your guess on either this blog or our Facebook page.

We will announce the restaurant on Friday, July 19!

7/9/13 hint: This restaurant started in 1987, had seven locations in 2007, and today has 100 locations throughout the country.

7/10/13 hint: In this restaurant, all food is prepared fresh - no freezer.

7/11/13 hint: This restaurant is not fast-food and there is no waitress to take your order. 

7/12/13 hint: This restaurant is in TX, OK, KS, LA, MO, CA. Taylorsville will have the first Utah location, but you will see at least five other Utah sites pop up by next summer.

7/13/13 hint: This restaurant started in California by two surfers who attended the UC at Santa Barbara. The second location was at Texas A&M College Station.

7/14/13 hint: Guests can make foil art that is displayed in the restaurant.

7/15/13 hint: There are four sizes of this restaurant’s signature item. One is called the “Super Monster.”

7/16/13 hint: This restaurant has four different kinds of freshly-made tortillas, including jalapeño.

7/17/13 hint: Any Lynyrd Skynyrd fans out there? You will know you are in the right place when you see Lady Liberty riding a Harley Davidson in this restaurant.

7/18/13 hint: This restaurant is famous for their corn salsa, which is prepared fresh by roasting corn on the cob every day.

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