Monday, July 15, 2013

Mayor's Update on City Projects

By Mayor Jerry Rechtenbach

Since we just finished the budget process, I want to highlight some of the things that were funded and that we are doing to improve the  city:

We have increased road maintenance for the following streets: 3200 West, 2200 West, and Bastille Drive. These will be completed over the next few weeks.

·      With the help of a C.O.P.S. grant, which we hope to receive in July, we have funded an additional police officer. The grant will pay 75% of the cost of the officer for the first three years, and we are obligated to pay the full cost after that time.

·      We were able to secure a small amount of funding for additional maintenance of city property. The goal is to do a better job of weed abatement along streetscapes and to make sure our parks are adequately maintained.

·      From the beginning, a priority for us was to maintain a continuous level of service for the critical functions of snowplowing, fire protection, emergency medical, and police services. We are pleased that these were not affected in the budget cuts.

There are also some key projects that we are just completing, and some that will be getting underway soon. They include:

·      Recently completed the safety project on 4100 South that included safety walls, curb & gutter, and a safe recovery zone for errant vehicles. This project will address safety issues that the residents along 4100 South have dealt with for a number of years.

·      In April, the city was instrumental in working with UDOT and Salt Lake County in repairing a major storm drain line break, which caused a sinkhole, at 5400 South 3200 West. Contractors worked around the clock to minimize the disruption to Taylorsville residents.

·      We are just completing our emergency back-up culinary water line for the Taylorsville Cemetery. This line was necessary due to the recent North Jordan Canal catastrophe that stopped our normal irrigation use.

·      Bennion Park and Azure Meadows Park will be receiving new playground equipment this summer. Bennion Park had a fire that destroyed the playground equipment in April, and the neighborhood helped with this community-build project.  Azure Meadows Park is a pocket park that the county deeded to the city. Neighbors have been actively involved in the planning of this park and it will also be a community-build project.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at or call me on my cell phone at 801-875-8759.

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