Thursday, August 1, 2013

Annual Area Clean-up Dumpsters

Currently we have dumpsters provided by Wasatch Front Waste and Recycling District (WFW) available in each neighborhood over the next month. These dumpsters are delivered in the morning and are set up a few houses apart, so it's easy to walk out and dispose of waste.

This is one of the most popular programs in the city because it is convenient and because it helps keep neighborhoods cleaned up.

Here are a few questions we receive about this program:

1. Why do we only get the dumpsters for one day and only one time per year?

Dumpsters only come for one day because WFW has to fit everyone in the schedule. WFW has 81,000 households in the District. Taylorsville, Holladay, Herriman, Cottonwood Heights, part of Murray, and all of unincorporated Salt Lake County are part of the District. Since spring, summer and fall are the only times to deliver dumpsters (because of potential snow plowing and bad weather), the dumpsters can only come once per year and stay for one day in each neighborhood.

2. Why does our clean-up time change each year?

Most people would prefer to get the dumpsters in the spring, so WFW rotates the schedule. In 2011, Taylorsville received the dumpsters in the spring, then 2012 we moved to fall, now in 2013 we are late summer, and we will continue to move our way closer to spring in subsequent years. This keeps it fair for all cities and townships.

3. Do we still get landfill vouchers?

Yes! Come to the second floor receptionist at City Hall (2600 W. 5325 S.) and you can pick up landfill vouchers. Each household receives two and they can be used any time in 2013.

4. I have a lot of green waste to get rid of, do I put it in the dumpsters?

If you have a large amount of green waste (trees, shrubs, etc.), please put it on your curb and call Wasatch Front Waste at 385-468-6325. They will come pick it up. This frees up space in the dumpsters.

5. What about scavengers coming to the dumpsters?

WFW has signs posted on the dumpsters that say:

We receive more complaints about scavengers than almost anything else! These complaints come because residents get nervous when strangers are hanging around in their neighborhood. They don't like people watching as they come and go from their homes. Some scavengers have been more aggressive in approaching residents and asking for items. Others have put their children in the dumpsters to retrieve items, which poses a safety hazard.

When scavengers remove metal from the dumpsters, it takes away recycling revenue from the landfill. When WFW makes a trip to the landfill, the landfill removes the metal and it is recycled. The funds from that metal help keep dump fees low, which saves all of us money in the long run.

In order to discourage scavenging, the District posted the sign and our police officers are proactively enforcing it. We want to send the message that scavengers will have to go somewhere besides Taylorsville. If you have a complaint about a scavenger, please call police dispatch at 801-743-7000.

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