Thursday, August 29, 2013

Candidates for the Municipal Election

Each of the current candidates for Taylorsville office were invited to send in 200 words or less about their candidacy, and a photo. Please see below to learn more about these candidates:

Taylorsville Mayor
There will be a Mayoral Debate hosted by the Exchange Club on Thursday, Oct. 10 at 7 p.m. at City Hall.  

Larry Johnson 
5148 S. Jordan Canal Road

I am running for mayor of Taylorsville City.  I have lived in Taylorsville for most of my life.  I graduated from Kearns High School and attended the University of Utah.  I have been married for 40 years to my wife Debra.  We have four children and ten grandchildren.  Three of our children and their families also live in Taylorsville.  I have been a small business owner for 34 years in which time I have learned to manage finances during times of prosperity as well as difficult times.

During the last four years as a member of the Taylorsville City Council I have fought against tax increases.  I opposed the current mayor's recommended 47% property tax increase as well as the 30% tax increase which was approved by the City Council for the 2013-2014 budget.

My intent as Mayor of Taylorsville is to spend our tax dollars wisely by prioritizing our spending and determining between our wishes, wants, and needs.  I believe that we need to be more actively aggressive in our economic development.  This will increase the sales tax revenue to the city's budget and lower the demand on the residents.

Let's keep Taylosville City a family friendly community by keeping it clean, safe, and affordable. Please visit my website:

Jerry Rechtenbach
1615 Gaylawood Cir.

We are at a crossroads in our city. We can choose to cut spending to the bone and live as cheaply as possible, or we can choose to invest in our city to improve the quality and livability of our City, and therefore improve the quality of life for our residents. We already have neighborhoods that are in serious decline, if we choose not to invest in these areas, it will spread throughout the City.

We must continue to invest in economic development. As mayor, the most frequent concern I hear from residents has to do with the Family Center and what we can do to rehabilitate that once thriving center. Our business leaders have spoken out in favor of increased spending to enhance our main corridors and neighborhoods; they recognize that as being key to economic development. Developers tell me that our location is the best in the valley, and our demographics are sound. However, there are areas that are "run down" that are a deterrent to redevlopment and are a drag on residential property values. Reinvesting in the city is critical because businesses bring sales tax revenue to the city and keep taxes low in the future. See for more info.

District 3 City Council


Brad Christopherson
2264 Benfox Circle

Brad was born and raised in Taylorsville, Utah.  He earned his Eagle Scout award at 14.  Beginning in 1997, he served a two-year LDS mission to Paris, France. 

Following his return from France, he met his future wife, Wendy, and they married in 2002.  They are now the parents of three wonderful children.  Brad graduated from the University of Utah in 2004 with BA in Political Science & Business Minor, then in 2008 he graduated from the University of Cincinnati College of Law with a Juris Doctorate.  Following law school, he and his wife returned to Utah to raise their family where Brad has been practicing law ever since.  His practice focuses primarily on business law, litigation, family law, estate planning, and municipal law.  Brad enjoys college football, college basketball, running, and spending time with his family. 

He is active in politics and was appointed to serve on the Taylorsville City Council in January 2013.  He also on the faculty of LDS Business College in the Paralegal Studies Program.  In June 2013, he joined Mazuran and Hayes, P.C. (Of Counsel) in Holladay, Utah. Visit for more information.

District 4 City Council

Dama Barbour 
5538 Appian Way

I currently serve as the Taylorsville City Council Chair and represent District 4.  I retired from Harmons after a twenty-nine year career, as Vice President of Real Estate and Government Affairs.  As a member of the International Council of Shopping Centers, I maintain contact with developers and retailers throughout the United States. My experience has helped with our city's economic development. I also spent eight years as Chair of the Government Affairs Committee for the Utah Food Industry where I worked with Legislators around the state. In 2002 I  received the Business Person of the Year award from the Utah State Chamber of Commerce, and enjoyed serving the city for two terms on the Planning Commission. 

As a fiscal Conservative, I understand that a strong commercial tax base and an Economic Development plan are tantamount to keeping property taxes low.  It is vital to Taylorsville residents that we continue to work the re-development projects underway and bring them to fruition. I will bring experience, leadership, commitment and vision in this effort. I would love to serve Taylorsville residents for four more years. Visit my website for more info:

Wendi Wengel (write-in)  
4051 W. 6480 S.

I am, Wendi Wengel, I am 29 years old and running for city council district 4. I have lived in Taylorsville for nine years. I have three beautiful daughters and an amazing husband.

Before starting my own company, I worked for an Inc. 500 company providing business financial services. I now own my own credit card processing company and in 2012 we processed over 26 million dollars. I have been blessed through lots of hard-work, detailed planning and, disciplined budgeting to now be retiring.

I have served in both stake and regional callings in my church, and it has been my privilege to serve as a state delegate or precinct chair for eight of the nine years I have lived in Taylorsville.  I have earned the trust of my community by listening to their input and involving them in the voting process. I am currently serving on the ad hoc fire committee for the city.
I love Taylorsville and it is imperative that we can make a plan to provide for our future generations without compromising the needs of today. I want this to be a place where I can raise my children and where they can also raise theirs’.

District 5 City Council

Ken Acker 
2570 Brucemont Drive

My wife, Gina, and our family have lived in Taylorsville for 27 years.  I have volunteered for the city the past 9 years on the Budget Review Committee, the past 2 years on the Economic Development Committee, attended the city’s strategic planning meetings, volunteered at Taylorsville Dayzz, and as a Boy Scout leader for over 17 years at the local, district, and council levels.

My professional training includes a BS degree in accounting from BYU and an MBA degree from USU.  I have had a CPA license for 25 years, and have had a resident producer license for insurance sales for 4 years.  I am currently the CFO for both Standard Optical and Opticare of Utah Inc.  I have worked for both public and private companies from startup companies to multi-billion dollar companies.  I know the needs of small and large businesses, citizens, and the City of Taylorsville.

My platform: common sense economic development, a long-term plan to fill shopping areas to maximize sales tax revenue, avoid raising property taxes, promote local assets so businesses want to locate in Taylorsville, spend tax dollars wisely, public safety, ordinance enforcement, and transparency from our government.

Daniel Jon Armstrong  
2920 W. Robinwood Drive

When I decided to run for city council my daughter remarked, “I never thought I’d be the daughter of a politician!”  Rather than a politician I consider myself a public servant.  I want to represent your concerns and create a city where you want live, raise families, and enjoy life.

For over 20 years I have loved living in Taylorsville, but I am concerned with the economic direction our city is trending with the business base declining, and the property taxes and city spending increasing.

I am a CPA with over 30 years experience as a private business owner.  During those 30 years I have seen the impact of increasing taxes on families; I have worked with businesses large and small;  I’ve audited government entities in Utah and Wyoming;  I’ve worked as a member of the American college of Forensic Accounting (fraud); and I’ve served on the board of directors for various corporations and non-profit organizations. This qualifies me to understand the financial status of the city, to recognize opportunities for growth and progress,  and I have the experience needed to help make decisions for change.

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