Friday, August 23, 2013

King of Taylorsville Baseball, Edo Rottini, Dies at Age 81

Last night Edo Rottini, 81, passed away due to natural causes. Rottini began the Taylorsville baseball program and for 54 years coached Taylorsville Little League and Babe Ruth programs.

In the 1960’s Rottini started a baseball program with neighborhood kids, and later started the Taylorsville League. “He taught thousands of kids to play baseball and affected their lives, even beyond sports,” said Dave Gray, a colleague and friend. “He taught discipline and hard work.”

During his tenure, the Taylorsville Little League teams at several levels have combined for more than 30 state championships and five national AAU championships. Rottini also coached boys who would later become players on the Taylorsville High School team and some who went on to play professionally like John Buck and Brandon Lyon.

“Edo turned Taylorsville into a baseball town,” said Taylorsville Mayor Jerry Rechtenbach. “He has left his mark on this city forever, not only because he put Taylorsville on the map for baseball nationally, but because he taught Taylorsville youth hard work and discipline.”

Rottini was a retired employee of the LDS Church and a dairy farmer. At his home he had a full dirt infield, two batting cages, and a garage, which was used for practice in the winter. Even though he coached the Yankees, he would let any of the teams come and practice at his facility. The Taylorsville Baseball field at 5000 South 2200 West is named Rottini Field in his honor.

According to Gray, “Rottini was the only coach I know of that made it mandatory to have a team prayer before every game. He led by example in everything he did.” Gray coached with Rottini this past season when Rottini was in his wheelchair. “He was one of a kind. Edo Rottini made a mark on Taylorsville and will be missed.”

Funeral service arrangements are still pending.

Deseret News article about Edo from 2004

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