Monday, August 19, 2013

Mayor's Message - Find Time to Volunteer!

By Mayor Jerry Rechtenbach

As I reflect back over the summer, I am reminded of the great volunteers in our city.

We have several hundred residents who serve on our city committees. We have people like Gordon Wolf and John Gidney, who have been on numerous committees since we became a city. People like Keith Sorensen, Ken Cook, Bruce Wasden and Lynn Handy who are former elected officials, but continue to volunteer and give their expertise on citizen committees. Jim Dunnigan and his Taylorsville Dayzz committee give thousands of volunteer hours every year to make our city’s birthday celebration great. Our Arts Council, Green Committee, Public Safety, Healthy Taylorsville, LARP, Historic Preservation, Ordinance Review, Budget, and Economic Development committees are filled with dedicated and caring residents who want to see the city improve.

We had over 800 volunteers work on projects to clean up the city at our Comcast Cares Day of Service a few months ago. These volunteers gave a half day to better our parks, plant trees, pull weeds, and add character to places around Taylorsville. We have dozens of Eagle Scouts who have done projects to benefit the city.

Recently neighbors banded together to rebuild playgrounds at two different parks – Azure Meadows and Bennion Park. Resident Danny James, actively took part in improving his Azure Meadows neighborhood. As a city, we love to see residents see a need in their neighborhood and participate in getting the city and the entire neighborhood involved to fix it.

Last week I met with three residents of the Morningside Cove neighborhood, Bob, Linda, and Melanie, that had some concerns, but more importantly they had solutions, over some of the issues affecting the Millrace Park.  The other day Bob Brunisholz spent several hours trimming along the Millrace Park fence line. We love to hear of residents like Dean Paynter and his neighbors who go out and weed along 2700 West. We’ve “caught” other residents doing the same. Doug Anderson is a retired man who came to City Hall one day and asked if he could help clean up areas in the city. He first took down trash trees and hauled them away. You may see him from time to time, pulling weeds along public right-of-ways.

We recently set up our community councils and we appreciate Jason Wyatt, Jerry Milne, Dean Paynter, Dave Ballou, Kathy Jeffs, Doug Arnesen who have volunteered to chair their individual community councils.

Our CERT teams and HAM radio operators provide a vital service that we may need someday in a city emergency.

As I reflect on all this time dedicated to bettering our city, I am in awe with the valuable contributions of all our volunteers. Whether these volunteers are in official capacity with the city, or if they are quietly serving their neighbor, they make a difference. 

I urge each of our Taylorsville residents to find one hour per month where you can serve in some capacity.

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