Friday, September 13, 2013

Taylorsville's Social Media

Taylorsville City uses social media to help disseminate information to residents and other interested parties. We also use social media to hear ideas from residents and to connect as a community.

One of the main things Taylorsville uses social media for is to put out information in case of a citywide disaster or emergency. We will specifically use Twitter and Facebook to notify residents of power outages, boil alerts, evacuations, emergency plans, closed roads, etc. Using social media is where mainstream media will also get their information, so it is a vital part of our emergency management.

If you have not yet "liked" our Taylorsville City Hall page, please visit us at On Twitter you can follow us @TvilleUT.

The city has a Flickr account for photo sharing and a YouTube channel to share videos.

The city has also reserved names for Google Plus and Pinterest, but we are not yet actively posting to those sites.

We welcome ideas from residents on things they would like to see on our social media! Please email Aimee Newton at if you have suggestions.

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