Monday, October 28, 2013

Taylorsville Youth Council Sponsors Bingo Charity Fundraiser

By Ariel Maikowski

Taylorsville Youth Council will be sponsoring a Bingo fundraiser for the Sanderson Community Center on Oct. 28 from 7 – 9 p.m. at the Taylorsville City Hall Council Chambers. Taylorsville City Hall is located at 2600 W. 5325 South.

There is a $10 entry fee for individuals, and a $30 entry feel for families up to five. The entry fee includes three game cards per person. The money raised will be going towards necessary funds for the Sanderson Community Center. The Sanderson Community Center offers sports, classes, support, and social gatherings for the deaf and hard of hearing.

“As a Youth Council we really love supporting our community and the things that make Taylorsville a great place to live,” says Youth Council Chair Jasey Wyatt. “What better way than to have our friends, families, and neighbors all come together for a fun-filled night.”

The Taylorsville Youth Council was created to help youth learn about and participate in local government. The Youth Council also helps organize and take part in local service projects and events.

“We have very service-minded youth in Taylorsville,” said Mayor Jerry Rechtenbach. “Besides giving them opportunities to serve, we are grateful for the opportunity to help a great organization like the Sanderson Community Center.”

Taylorsville Youth Council attended the annual Youth Council Conference at Utah State University where they won third place in the Award of Excellence.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Taylorsville-SLCC Symphony Orchestra Celebrates 10 Years

By Ariel Maikowski

One of the area’s most highly respected community orchestras, The Taylorsville-Salt Lake Community College Symphony Orchestra, celebrates their 10th anniversary by opening this season with their “Classic” Halloween concert on Oct. 28, at 7:30 p.m. The concert will be at Eisenhower Junior High, located at 4351 S. Redwood Road, with a suggested $5 donation.

“We are excited about the first concert in our 10th season!” says Orchestra President Mariah Stringer. “Our focus this season is the ‘classics'. We have enjoyed diving into some of the more standard repertoire that really stretches our abilities and musicality.” 

The high quality orchestra is under the direction of Adam Larson, who is both the music director and conductor for the symphony. 

“Come see the Taylorsville-SLCC Symphony Orchestra break new ground while keeping a 10 year tradition of providing high quality classical music concerts to the Taylorsville community,” says Adam Larson in his Director’s Message. “The orchestra is filled with your friends, family, and neighbors and is the most accessible and exciting way to see the classics come alive!”

The Orchestra was founded in 2003 under the direction of Richard Brunson, and was later joined by SLCC to create what is now The Taylorsville-SLCC Symphony Orchestra.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Hartvigsen School Opens in Taylorsville!

By Ariel Maikowski

The special need students are now attending school at their new building. Hartvigsen School is located right behind Taylorsville High School, off of 5400 South.

Hartvigsen is both for elementary and secondary students. The school follows the traditional elementary school schedule, with short days on Fridays. The students attend six classes everyday with the freedom to pick their classes on Fridays.

Hartvigsen has the latest technology to help their students.  This includes Smart Boards, large TV's, and IPads.  The new school also has many fun rooms for the students. They have a pool that will be up and running soon. There are a few auxiliary gyms and a stage. There is also a library that is not set up yet, but will be filled with books and magazines that will appeal to all the students and their hobbies.

They also have a Life Skills room.  The room is complete with a kitchen that has a stove, dining table, oven, sink, and refrigerator.  It also has a small room with a bed, couch, television, chair, and vacuum cleaner. This room is designed to help students learn how to cook and clean, practice vacuuming, and learn the furniture and appliances.

Along with the teachers and their assistants, Taylorsville High School students come to help at Hartvigsen.  They help in any way they can.  This can include helping a student respond to a button, helping the Hartvigsen student learn to categorize, and to be their friend.

All students take the bus to and from school. To accommodate the more than 270 students, there are over 20 busses with a specific bus parking lot.  The busses cannot leave until all students are loaded or unloaded on the bus.

The Hartvigsen School Mission Statement says the school is an exceptional team working together to provide individual success, courage, and growth.  And that is exactly what they do.

For more information you can visit their school website at

Check out this awesome video of Big Budah with Hartvigsen School Principal Janice Wayman!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

City Council Summary 10/16/13

The City Council meeting began with a presentation to Mayor Rechtenbach from the employees for "Boss's Day."

Curt Cochran was appointed as a Planning Commissioner for District 2. Garl Fink was reappointed as a Planning Commissioner for District 5.

Wasatch Front Waste Executive Director Pam Roberts gave her quarterly report. She said their focus is on the new green waste program. For $114 per year residents can have a weekly pick up for green/yard waste. There is a one-time $60 fee to sign up. So far 40 people in Taylorsville have signed up, but they expect more to sign up once the service begins. To see more info on this:

The City Council made some changes to the Land Development Code. These changes were made to eliminate several inconsistencies, add language that improves clarity, eliminate redundant/unnecessary verbiage, allow PUD development on an area of one acre or more, and eliminate/alter verbiage to make the code more consistent with the Taylorsville General Plan.

An applicant petitioned the Planning Commission to increase the maximum number of children for home daycares from 12 to 16 children. The Planning Commission recommended denial, fearing that this was too intensive of a use for neighborhoods. The City Council heard the request and voted to send this back to the Planning Commission to see if the conditional use permit could take care of some of the concerns.

A proposed amendment passed to allow off-premise advertising in certain situations for commercial districts. The Planning Commission recommended this with a 4-2 vote. The Economic Development Department requested this to help with access issues created by intersection improvements in the area of 5400 South and Bangerter Hwy. The amendment allows "commercial districts" at 5400 South Bangerter, 6200 South Redwood Road, 4800 South Redwood Road, so gateway or directional signs can be at key access points.

Other items that were approved by the council include:
1. Interlocal agreement with UDOT for a pedestrian safety project on 4500 South from 550 to 800 West.
2. Authorizing the adoption of an amended and restated interlocal agreement adding new member agencies (Unified Police Department) to the Salt Lake Valley Emergency Communications Center (VECC), our 9-1-1 servicer.
3. Accepting a dividend payment from the Utah Local Government Trust in the amount of $32,199.81. Recommendations are to spend this on risk management and building security.
4. Accepting a Zoo, Arts, and Parks grant from Salt Lake County in the amount of $2,527 to use for the Taylorsville Historic Preservation Committee. The committee uses these grant funds to provide buses to bring school children to the museum and farm for a fieldtrip.
5. Approving the list of appointed poll workers for the 2013 municipal election.

Monday, October 14, 2013

FREEB!RDS World Burrito Opens in Taylorsville!

Taylorsville City is excited to welcome the first FREEB!RDS World Burrito to Utah! On October 7th, Mayor Rechtenbach, City Council members, city staff, ChamberWest, and the Taylorsville HS Cheer Squad participated in the ribbon cutting.

Outside several dozen people waited to try to win free burritos for a year! Freebirds offered one free burrito each week for a year to the first 25 people in line. When we interviewed these dedicated burrito-lovers, we found that some had been waiting/camping out since 1 p.m. the day before.

The next day we had Casey Scott from KUTV 2 do his morning live shots from Freebirds. Mayor Rechtenbach and Casey had a burrito rolling contest (the Mayor isn't very good at rolling burritos, unfortunately).  

 Freebirds has delicious burritos and we are so excited to welcome them to Taylorsville. They are located on the southeast corner of 5400 South Redwood Road. They are the first of a revitalization effort in that area of the city. We will have more exciting announcements coming soon for that corner!!

To see the KUTV segments with Casey, visit this link or watch it below...

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Council Work Session 10/9/13

City Council work sessions are on the second Wednesday each month. During this meeting council members may discuss issues, but do not make any formal decisions. Many of the projects discussed below are items that will be on future city council agendas.

City Administrator John Inch Morgan discussed the city's sidewalk program and how to handle sidewalk repairs and the 50/50 program with residents.

Morgan updated the City Council on the proposed VECC merger. VECC handles our 9-1-1 calls. This merger is with several of the cities in the valley and with Unified Police Department.

Economic development staffer Wayne Harper updated the city council on a pedestrian safety project on 4500 South between 550-800 West. The city is hoping to enter into an interlocal agreement with UDOT.

Community Development Director Mark McGrath led a discussion on multiple dwelling units in single family zones. Some residents have complained about home rentals which have several families living there. Elected officials are concerned about this growing trend.

McGrath discussed small area master plans in the city. He showed the City Center Small Area Master Plan and some new concepts for review. As the city continues discussions with potential developers, having this small area master plan solidified helps planning commissioners and elected officials with a specific direction and vision.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Taylorsville Spends the Least Amount of Money Per Resident

West Jordan City commissioned a study to compare their city with the 15 largest cities in the state. This study shows Taylorsville as one of the most fiscally conservative cities in the state!

Taylorsville has the least amount of government revenue out of the 15 cities surveyed.

Our General Fund expenditures are the lowest...

Taylorsville spends the third least amount of money for public works per resident. 

Taylorsville spends the third least amount of money per resident for community development services.

 Taylorsville spends much less than the other cities on general government expenditures.

 We also have the least amount of expenditures per residents out of the General Fund.

We have the lowest amount of expenditures per resident for Parks and Recreation.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

City Council 10/2/13 - What Makes a Council Meeting??

Tonight at the Taylorsville City Council meeting, the Mayor introduced proclamations on "Anti-Bullying Month" and "Extra Mile Day."

We heard reports from Animal Services and the Youth Council. The Community Development Department discussed small area master plans with the council.

We also heard about Gary and Jackie Madsen's beautiful yard.  Congratulations to them for winning the Best of Taylorsville award this month!

So what makes a council meeting??

We have scouts...

Youth Council members...

Elected officials...




And most importantly... the residents...

If you've never joined us at a City Council meeting before, come the first, second or third Wednesdays at 6 p.m. (Official meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. on the first and third Wednesdays.) City Hall is located at 2600 West 5325 South.

You can come in and out during the meeting, so come late... leave early... we'll take you whenever you can come! It's free entertainment!! :)