Monday, October 21, 2013

Hartvigsen School Opens in Taylorsville!

By Ariel Maikowski

The special need students are now attending school at their new building. Hartvigsen School is located right behind Taylorsville High School, off of 5400 South.

Hartvigsen is both for elementary and secondary students. The school follows the traditional elementary school schedule, with short days on Fridays. The students attend six classes everyday with the freedom to pick their classes on Fridays.

Hartvigsen has the latest technology to help their students.  This includes Smart Boards, large TV's, and IPads.  The new school also has many fun rooms for the students. They have a pool that will be up and running soon. There are a few auxiliary gyms and a stage. There is also a library that is not set up yet, but will be filled with books and magazines that will appeal to all the students and their hobbies.

They also have a Life Skills room.  The room is complete with a kitchen that has a stove, dining table, oven, sink, and refrigerator.  It also has a small room with a bed, couch, television, chair, and vacuum cleaner. This room is designed to help students learn how to cook and clean, practice vacuuming, and learn the furniture and appliances.

Along with the teachers and their assistants, Taylorsville High School students come to help at Hartvigsen.  They help in any way they can.  This can include helping a student respond to a button, helping the Hartvigsen student learn to categorize, and to be their friend.

All students take the bus to and from school. To accommodate the more than 270 students, there are over 20 busses with a specific bus parking lot.  The busses cannot leave until all students are loaded or unloaded on the bus.

The Hartvigsen School Mission Statement says the school is an exceptional team working together to provide individual success, courage, and growth.  And that is exactly what they do.

For more information you can visit their school website at

Check out this awesome video of Big Budah with Hartvigsen School Principal Janice Wayman!

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