Monday, October 7, 2013

Taylorsville Spends the Least Amount of Money Per Resident

West Jordan City commissioned a study to compare their city with the 15 largest cities in the state. This study shows Taylorsville as one of the most fiscally conservative cities in the state!

Taylorsville has the least amount of government revenue out of the 15 cities surveyed.

Our General Fund expenditures are the lowest...

Taylorsville spends the third least amount of money for public works per resident. 

Taylorsville spends the third least amount of money per resident for community development services.

 Taylorsville spends much less than the other cities on general government expenditures.

 We also have the least amount of expenditures per residents out of the General Fund.

We have the lowest amount of expenditures per resident for Parks and Recreation.

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