Thursday, November 7, 2013

City Council Summary 11/6/13

The Taylorsville City Council meeting began with an election update by Council Chair Barbour: "Yesterday we had the municipal election and congratulations are in order to Councilmember Larry Johnson who is now Mayor-elect Johnson. Councilmember Brad Christopherson will continue to represent District 3, and I will still be representing District 4. We’d like to introduce our new councilmember-elect for District 5, Dan Armstrong. In addition to these seats, the annexation into the Unified Fire Service Area was approved by the voters. We will officially become part of the Fire District on January 1st."

Kendra Peterson from the Youth City Council reported on the recent Youth Council Bingo fundraiser for the Sanderson Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Council Coordinator Jessica Springer gave a report on proposed changes to the Volunteer Committee ordinance.

The city council approved an amendment to the land use and definition of glazing contractor in the Taylorsville Land Development code, and zoning map amendments at 2192 W. 5400 S. and 4840 S. 1250 W.

Changes were discussed to prohibit parking on the street overnight during winter months. This is so snowplows can plow the streets. If you have comments on this item, please email them to and they will be passed along to the elected officials.

The city newsletter was discussed. Currently the city purchases ad space from the Valley Journals for $1800 per month for the newsletter. The Taylorsville Kearns Journal was late last month, which created issues for advertising of events. Elected officials want to make sure the newsletter is timely and like supporting the newspaper because it saves money. (Cost to mail a newsletter to each resident would be over $6,000.) The publisher was at the meeting and said he was working to get financial issues resolved so they can publish on time.

During the council meeting the "Best of Taylorsville Award" was given for the best Halloween decorated house.

For the first time since the inception of the Best of Taylorsville award, which recognizes outstanding property care in the city, October will be dedicated to the residence or business with remarkable Halloween decor. And the inaugural winner is really something special.

Mike McKinnon, 2231 W. Tottenham Court Road (4520 South) has virtually re-faced his home for the freaky, creepy holiday. We won't tell you how he did it, but the effort was exhaustive and the illusion is stunning. With a vast array of strategically-placed Jack O'lanterns, gravestones, witches and string lighting, you can imagine why the McKinnon mansion is a favorite of neighbors and drive-by visitors.

Mike, his wife Rhonda and three sons, have created an unforgettable Halloween diorama nearly every one of the 17 years they've lived on Tottenham. Mike says he loves Halloween and enjoys kicking off the holiday season with something fun for the kids, even though the parents anticipate it even more. "If I can do just a little to lift someone's spirit then it's been worth it," said Mike.  And he really believes that.

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