Monday, December 16, 2013

A New Look for Taylorsville Gateways

The City Council and Planning Commission met with Community Development Director Mark McGrath, to discuss an item of the Taylorsville’s 10-Year Strategic Plan. This item is the Design Consistency Manual and will be a new element of the General Plan. The Design Consistency Manual was given $15,000 of funding in the 2013-2014 city budget. The proposed item is to develop a design consistency manual for all gateways, parks, trails, streetscapes, signage, and to create a “branding” strategy.  This strategy will address:
  • General Design Guidelines        
  • Landscape       
  • Maintenance       
  • Fencing        
  • Lighting       
  • Materials
  • Specific Sites       
  • City Buildings
  • Street Furnishings
Here are some of our existing “Gateways”:

This map shows where we are proposing to have the Gateways (blue stars) and where the existing Gateways (the red stars) are: 

How do you think the Taylorsville “Gateways” should look?  What kind of image does Taylorsville want to portray?

Do we want signage? Landscaping? Maintenance? 

Here are a few examples of other City Gateways.

Email Mark McGrath at to tell us what you think!

1 comment:

  1. Is *THIS* why our property taxes went up 47%?
    I like Taylorsville, and I want it to look nice, but we're not made of money. Who is going to be paying for these monuments? That's right, us lowly taxpayers.
    When all of our other problems have been resolved, and property tax rates cut in half, *THEN* we can have a discussion about signs. Until then, this is about number 10,000 on the priority list.