Monday, December 16, 2013

A New Look for Taylorsville Gateways

The City Council and Planning Commission met with Community Development Director Mark McGrath, to discuss an item of the Taylorsville’s 10-Year Strategic Plan. This item is the Design Consistency Manual and will be a new element of the General Plan. The Design Consistency Manual was given $15,000 of funding in the 2013-2014 city budget. The proposed item is to develop a design consistency manual for all gateways, parks, trails, streetscapes, signage, and to create a “branding” strategy.  This strategy will address:
  • General Design Guidelines        
  • Landscape       
  • Maintenance       
  • Fencing        
  • Lighting       
  • Materials
  • Specific Sites       
  • City Buildings
  • Street Furnishings
Here are some of our existing “Gateways”:

This map shows where we are proposing to have the Gateways (blue stars) and where the existing Gateways (the red stars) are: 

How do you think the Taylorsville “Gateways” should look?  What kind of image does Taylorsville want to portray?

Do we want signage? Landscaping? Maintenance? 

Here are a few examples of other City Gateways.

Email Mark McGrath at to tell us what you think!

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