Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Mayor's Town Hall Meeting - July 29, 2014

Mayor Johnson
Mayor Johnson hosts a Town Hall meeting every fifth Wednesday. This past Wednesday was a great meeting. If you were not able to attend, here are the highlights:

Mayor Johnson welcomed those in attendance and recognized City Council Members and City Staff who were present.

The UPD Taylorsville Precinct Chief Tracy Wyant gave a presentation on law enforcement services provided in Taylorsville. He noted that many crimes are crimes of opportunity and can be prevented. He reviewed statistics on offenses committed in Taylorsville during the third quarter of the fiscal year. He cited an average of 40,000 to 42,000 cases in Taylorsville per year.

Chief Wyant reviewed statistics for traffic accidents and citations. He discussed the controversial flex lanes on 5400 South. He indicated  that since implementation of the flex lanes, data reflects an increase in traffic on 5400 South, but with a significant decrease in traffic accidents. Chief Wyant illustrated a map of narcotics activity and burglaries in Taylorsville. He presented an overall yearly comparison with last year's statistics. He discussed property damage offenses and cited the prevalence of graffiti during warm-weather months.

Chief Wyant noted that most auto thefts are preventable and cited safety tactics to help curtail crimes of opportunity which would include not leaving anything in sight in a vehicle (sunglasses, purse, checkbook, iPod, phone, etc). He stated that warming up cars and leaving them running unattended in a driveway or open garage is very enticing to an auto thief. He relayed that 20% of stolen vehicles have keys left in them.

The meeting was opened up for questions and comments from those in attendance.

One resident commented that his wife's purse was stolen when left unattended in a unlocked car for only a few minutes. Chief Wyant stressed the importance of not leaving valuables within view inside vehicles. He also suggested not leaving purses unattended in shopping carts.

Another resident asked for clarification on the types of narcotics being used. Chief Wyant confirmed that heroin use has increased, not only in the City but on a national level. He noted that there is a direct correlation between drug addictions and crimes of opportunity.

Council Member Barbour asked whether narcotic activity is higher in Taylorsville than in other areas. Chief Wyant confirmed that all areas across the valley have seen a level increase. He observed that dealing with narcotic use aggressively will result in the decrease of other criminal activity. He commended officers for aggressive enforcement efforts in regard to narcotics.

Mayor Johnson requested information regarding simple crime prevention practices.

Chief Wyant confirmed that most home burglaries occur during daytime hours. He suggested that knowing your neighborhood, communicating with neighbors, and being aware of suspicious neighborhood activity is very valuable. He talked about ways to protect your home while out of town, i.e. removing newspapers from porches, picking up mail, leaving a light on, and leaving a neighbor's car parked in the driveway.

One City Staff member cautioned against advertising on social media those times when a home is not occupied. Another staff member advised against leaving mail out in residential mailboxes for pick up. Chief Wyant agreed that mail theft is still prevalent and outgoing mail should not be placed in personal mailboxes. He also suggested picking up mail as soon as possible.

A resident described an incident when she had mail stolen. She commended Taylorsville officers for taking quick action, The benefit of a locked mailbox was referenced.

Mayor Johnson discussed the value of alarm systems or dogs in homes and encouraged residents to take extra safety precautions. He also noted that criminals often follow obituaries and prey on the empty homes of individuals attending funerals.

A daycare provider commented on the prevalence of purses being stolen from cars in her work parking lot. She stressed the importance of educating people on not leaving items in their cars. The Chief agreed that prevention education is vital. He also discussed the many ways that public safety education has been promoted in Taylorsville. Chief Wyant confirmed that officers are always willing and available to do public safety presentations at daycares, schools, etc.

Mayor Johnson expressed his concern for the safety of Taylorsville citizens and urged that individuals practice crime prevention. Chief Wyant concluded with citing the importance of recognizing that Utah is a relatively safe place to live. Mayor Johnson thanked Chief Wyant and commended the high caliber of law enforcement officers in Taylorsville. He thanked those in attendance and encouraged continued public safety awareness.

Minutes courtesy of Cheryl Peacock Cottle, City Recorder

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Taylorsville’s Second Annual Spring Cleanup Event!!

It’s that wonderful time of year again!!  Taylorsville’s streets, parks, and neighborhoods are up for another spring cleaning.  What better day to clean them than on Taylorsville’s 2nd Annual Spring Cleanup Day?  The event begins at 8 a.m. and will continue until noon on Saturday, April 26.  

At Taylorsville City Hall, the Taylorsville Green Committee has organized a "drop off" event. Residents may bring televisions, computers, printers, fax machines, scanners, cell phones and batteries for disposal. They may also bring antifreeze, paint, oil, furniture, clothing, and fertilizers/cleansers for disposal.  Documents may also be shredded at City Hall.
Why stop there though?  Clean out those medicine cabinets and drawers.  The Unified Police will be at City Hall collecting any unused or expired medications for disposal; medication may be prescriptions or over the counter.
Please keep in mind that this event will not be replacing the Taylorsville City's Neighborhood Dumpsters.  Those dumpsters will be put out in the neighborhoods beginning on May 29 and will run through June 19.

Come and join our community as we clean up to make our City just a little bit more brighter.

The event is sponsored by:  Salt Lake County's Health Department, Samsung, Wasatch Front Waste and Recycling and Metech Recycling. More information can be found on the city's website at

Information and facts provided by Rhetta McIff.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Taylorsville’s Many “Hopping” Easter Egg Hunts!!

Are you looking for some fun family Easter egg hunts?  Look no further because we have THREE egg hunts that are taking place this Saturday!  We have one sponsored by the Bennion Lions Club, another sponsored by the CrossPoint Church, and one presented by the Salt Lake County & the City of Taylorsville.  For times and more information check out the poster below.

Also, here are some fun crafts and activities for this Easter season.

If you’re bored with the same look of dying Easter eggs, then try these fun ways from FamilyCircle to dye your eggs!

And create your own Easter Basket with these easy steps provided by Living Locurto.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Taylorsville’s Youth Council Attends the Association of Youth Councils Leadership Institute!!

Last week our city’s Youth Council had the opportunity to attend the Association of Youth Councils Leadership Institute held in Logan, Utah. This is an annual event in which youth get the chance to develop their leadership skills, foster a sense of personal achievement, and gain a better understanding of government.

One of the keynote speakers was Jason Hewlett, a popular entertainer and youth speaker. He talked about the importance of having confidence in yourself and to act with your heart and not your head. Another speaker was Jackson Carter who was a contestant in the Biggest Loser.  He reaffirmed through his personal experience the importance of staying positive, being focused, and achieving goals.

The highlight of the conference was participating in the “Legion of Zoom” council challenge. Our youth competed against 28 other councils and won FIRST PLACE! They had to work together to timely and accurately answer challenging questions. They went on an adventure through various classrooms on Utah State’s campus looking for clues to help them put together a puzzle. They had to drop an egg from a second story balcony which forced them to problem solve, brainstorm, and use limited resources to keep the egg from breaking.

On Friday night, there was a formal banquet where the Award of Excellence awards were given to the winners. Taylorsville received an honorable mention.  After the banquet, all enjoyed dancing, and eating ice cream.

We would like to thank Mayor Johnson and his wife Debra for participating in the conference with the youth. We would also like to thank Gary Penrose (the Carpet Guy) for letting us borrow a structure in which the youth displayed a yearbook of their accomplishments. It was an outstanding event in which our youth excelled!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Our 2014 Youth Ambassadors!!

By Kristie Overson

Even though they are two months into their term, Taylorsville City is excited for our Youth Ambassadors of 2014!  Our Youth Ambassadors are:

Katherine Ann Clark

Jasey Wyatt

Spencer Braithwaite

Tyler Newton

The Purpose of the Youth Ambassador Program is to bring together high school seniors and recent high school graduates with mentors from businesses and government entities across Taylorsville.  This provides mutual understanding, increases leadership skills and prepares youth to make a difference in their communities as they step into adulthood after graduation.

Youth Ambassadors learn first-hand how the city is governed, about the services provided to its residents and how each city department contributes to the quality of life for the city. They build knowledge about current issues facing the city, and develop leadership and personal skills.

The Youth Ambassador term is from January to August.  Youth who successfully complete their year as Ambassadors will receive a scholarship to their university of choice or as reimbursement for school expenses like housing and/or books.

Ambassadors are required to serve in several ways such as:

  • Intern for a day (or the equivalent of an 8 hour day spread out in 2-4 hour segments) in a city department, learning the workings of city government by participating in the process.
  • Work with the Economic Development Department in meeting with local businesses to find out how the city government works for them and gather input on how the government can do a better job.  Report on those findings in a City Council Meeting.
  • Volunteer at events, including parades and local ribbon cuttings as ambassadors of the city.
  • Plan and implement a service project to take place during their year as Ambassador, including coordinating with our Public Information Officer to ensure community awareness of the service project.
  • Work with their high school to promote government involvement at the youth level and submit a report on how this was done.
  • Provide leadership and mentoring at Youth Council Meetings, including arranging speakers and other presentations to educate the Youth Council in government processes. 

The City Council members would like to wish them all the best during their term as Taylorsville City Youth Ambassadors.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Taylorsville’s Famous Buttermilk Cookies by Our Historic Preservation Committee!

Clara P. Jones made these cookies famous in our community years ago. She, along with her husband, raised a family of nine children on the Jones Dairy property. She made nine loaves of bread each day, one for each hungry child.  She was a very hard worker, both in her home and in her church callings.  She was known for her dry humor, wit, and fun loving attitude.  She loved to recite poems for her grandchildren.  

Most of the nine children chose to build homes in the community of Taylorsville.  Some among her posterity are names such as Brown, Tye, North, McBeth, Steadman, Linthicum, Perrington and of course Jones. What a heritage to follow! Thanks, Clara Jones.

Grandma Jones’ Buttermilk Cookies Recipe:

Cream together 1-cup of butter and 2 cups of sugar. Then add:

2 cups of Buttermilk
¼ tsp. salt
2 tsp. baking soda
2 tsp. cinnamon
1 tsp. nutmeg
5 cups flour
2 cups ground raisons
¼ tsp. allspice
2 cups chopped nuts (optional)

Mix well and drop by teaspoon onto greased cookie sheet.  Bake at 425° for 5-7 minutes.

(Makes around 6 dozen cookies)

Monday, February 24, 2014

City Council Recap 2/19/14

If you didn't make it to last Wednesday’s City Council Meeting, here’s what you missed:

Mayor Johnson presented Unified Fire Authority (UFA) Bureau Chief Jay Ziolkowski with a plaque from the City in recognition of his 16 years of extraordinary community service as the UFA liaison for Taylorsville.  Chief Ziolkowski has been given another assignment within the UFA.

UFA Bureau Chief Jay Ziolkowski introduced UFA Assistant Chief Mike Kelsey as the new Taylorsville UFA liaison.

The Taylorsville Green Committee appointed two new members:  Jeffrey Summerhays and Ricardo Maestas.

UPD Taylorsville Precinct Chief Tracy Wyant presented awards to Officer Grayson VanLeeuwen and Officer Chelsea Winslow. 

Officer Grayson VanLeeuwen received the Officer of the Month Award for December, 2013.  He earned this award for the successful recovery of two stolen vehicles.

Officer Chelsea Winslow received the Officer of the Month Award for January, 2014, and earned this award for her pro-active efforts in solving Taylorsville cases.
UPD Taylorsville Precinct Chief Tracy Wyant presented a quarterly report on law enforcement services in Taylorsville.  He cited statistics on general offenses, traffic offenses, and enforcement efforts.  Chief Wyant also described activities of the investigations unit and noted that transitioning to the Unified Police Department for law enforcement service has resulted in a large savings to Taylorsville.  This transition has greatly benefitted both citizens and police officers.  He also reported that there has been an improvement in response times. 
A public hearing was held regarding potential amendment to the city ordinance regarding the number of children allowed in a home daycare.  The Council adopted an ordinance (with a four-to-one vote) to uphold the Taylorsville Planning Commission’s recommendation to keep the limit for home daycare businesses at 12 children.
Following several months of consideration and input from citizens, the Council adopted an ordinance to amend city code regarding on-street parking, with regards to snow removal.  After considering several options, the Council approved (with a four-to-one vote) a change to city ordinance to prohibit parked vehicles on any city street or highway “after any snow and/or ice accumulation, until after the street or highway is cleared of snow and/or ice.” 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Prescription Drug Abuse by Unified Police Department

Police Officers are seeing an increase in prescription drug abuse and prescription overdose deaths.  Many of these situations involve individuals who were originally prescribed a prescription to control side effects from chronic pain, surgery or other ailments; however Officers are also seeing an alarming number of youth utilizing these drugs for a sought after “high” or “effect.”  With the street cost of these prescription drugs typically exceeding the cost of other illicit narcotics, these same individuals typically resort to buying Heroin and/or Cocaine for the desired effect.  This transition poses additional challenges and dangers…

What are the causes and risk factors for children?

Drug abuse has been linked to: low parent supervision, family conflicts, inconsistent parental discipline, a family history of alcohol or drug abuse, abuse, learning problems, emotional instability, and the perception that prescription drugs are safe, and using them is risk-free.

·      From 2000-2011 prescriptions for hydrocodone and oxycodone have increased by a staggering 45.4% and 111.1% (respectively).
·      In Salt Lake County alone, accidental overdose deaths by prescription drugs have increased from 59 in 2011 to 113 in 2012.
·      71.1% of overdose deaths are attributed to substance abuse problems, to include using illegal drugs of abusing prescription medications.  60.1% of overdose deaths are attributed to physical health problems.
·      Prescription narcotic deaths outnumber all motor vehicle crash deaths combined!

Where do they get them?
  1. 56%   Free from friend/relative
  2. 19%  Prescribed by one doctor
  3. 9%    Bought from friend/relative
  4. 7%    Other
  5. 5%    Took from friend/relative without asking
  6. 4%    Drug dealer or stranger
Potential Signs of Drug Use?

Mood swings
Sudden changes in interests and friends
Failing or dropping grades
Verbally or physically abusive
Drug Paraphernalia (Pipes, tin foil, torch lighters, baking soda, rolling papers, packaging, etc.)

Parents of Teens:      

Clearly communicate to teens about the negative physical and emotional effects of drugs.
Properly supervise! Know where, how, and with whom your children socialize.
Lock up substances that can be abused: Inhalants, Alcohol, Prescription and OTC medications.

Be Proactive!                

Take advantage of community drug take-back programs to dispose of unwanted medications. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Come Participate in the 4th Annual Taylorsville Urban Cart Dart!!

Are you ready for the most fun you have ever had with a shopping cart?  Here is your chance to rescue those lonely, abandoned carts found along roadways and give them an adventure! On Saturday, March 1st, bring your cart, four of your friends, and get ready for an experience you won't soon forget... (You must register your team before the event!)

This year marks the 4th Annual Taylorsville Urban Cart Dart. Teams of five costumed participants with decorated carts will race against one another in an event with no set route, no particular order, and no clue who may be in front of you or who has more points than you. Teams will use their official issued map to determine their course, look for short cuts, and find ways to make up some time or creatively sabotage another team. Points are earned at each challenge and teams then return to the finish line to learn their fate…ahem…score.

Photographers along the course catch random moments of silliness, excitement over sabotaging another team, duct tape rolls in pockets and cans of silly string, and glee at the finish line. Ham Radio operators track the teams’ movement along the course and call in scores to our headquarters. Our judges read you the rules at each challenge but are often swayed by a tasty snack, a funny joke, an impromptu song and dance. Earning extra points from the judges might earn your team a trophy!
It’s an event that cannot be adequately described and is more fun to participate in than watch. These teams have strategy, they have carts full of tricks and fun, and they participate because it’s the most fun they will ever have with a shopping cart and friends. Businesses who sponsor the event get a team in free.

It’s the Taylorsville Urban Cart Dart coming to town on Saturday, March 1st, 2014. Follow us on our website (www.taylorsvilleurbancartdart.comfor updates and to register your team!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Our Amazing Youth Council Visit the Legislature!!

By Kristie Overson

Our Taylorsville City Youth Council had the opportunity to visit the State’s Legislature last Wednesday, January 29th.  They participated in a mock debate regarding technology in schools along with other youth councils around the valley. Gano Hasanbegovic and Aubree Newton argued in opposition while Cole Arnold was a strong advocate for this bill. Tyler Newton and Jasey Wyatt sat on the committee that voted the bill down. Jasey Wyatt stated, “While the intent was good, the bill needed more work.” 

After the debate, the youth toured the Capitol and then enjoyed listening to Anthony Robles, NCAA wrestling champion. Robles, born with one leg, had some deeply profound observations to share about finding the strength to master any challenge.


Legislators Wayne Harper, Johnny Anderson and Jim Dunnigan joined the youth for lunch. Taylorsville City Council Members Kristie Overson, Ernest Burgess, Dama Barbour and Dan Armstrong supported them as well. Mayor Larry Johnson was also on hand all day to observe our youth in action.

Monday, February 3, 2014

This Wednesday's On-Street Parking Public Hearing Information!

A public hearing will be held during the City Council Meeting on Wednesday, February 5th, at 6:30 p.m. at Taylorsville City Hall.  This hearing is for the City to receive citizen comments on a potential amendment to the City's ordinance concerning on-street parking.  Several options are currently being considered in order to better facilitate the removal of snow on city streets. Come and hear what is proposed and let your voice be heard!

Here is information about the City Ordinance and some options that are being considered by the City Council:


The reasons for proposed options to parking ordinance 11.20.080, are because vehicles parked on the street during a snow storm, make it extremely difficult and sometimes impossible to properly clear snow and ice from the pavement; especially on narrow streets, cul-de-sacs and dead-end roads.   The inability to properly remove snow increases greater safety risks to the public, can significantly increase the time and cost to remove the snow and ice, and reduces the expected life of the roadway.  The areas highlighted in yellow represent the proposed changes.

Current Ordinance:

It is unlawful for any person who owns or has possession, custody or control of any vehicle or trailer to park or knowingly allow to be parked any vehicle or trailer on any street or highway:

A.     After a snow accumulation of four inches (4”) or more, until twenty-four (24) hours after the end of such accumulation; or

B.     For a period longer than twenty-four (24) consecutive hours; or

C.     For any period longer than that allowed by appropriate signs, markings or parking meters giving notice of such parking time limitation.  (Ord. 06-30, 9-6-2006)

Proposed Solutions:

Option #1:
It is unlawful for any person who owns or has possession, custody or control of any vehicle or trailer to park or knowingly allow to be parked any vehicle or trailer on any street or highway:

A.     After a snow and/or ice accumulation, until twenty-four (24) hours after the end of such accumulation.

B.     For a period longer than twenty-four (24) consecutive hours; or

C.     For any period longer than that allowed by appropriate signs, markings or parking meters giving notice of such parking time limitation. 

Option #2:
It is unlawful for any person who owns or has possession, custody or control of any vehicle or trailer to park or knowingly allow to be parked any vehicle or trailer on any street or highway:

A.     After any snow and/or ice accumulation of one inch (1”), until after the street or highway is cleared of snow and/or ice.

B.     For a period longer than twenty-four (24) consecutive hours; or

C.     For any period longer than that allowed by appropriate signs, markings or parking meters giving notice of such parking time limitation. 

Option #3:
It is unlawful for any person who owns or has possession, custody or control of any vehicle or trailer to park or knowingly allow to be parked any vehicle or trailer on any street or highway:

A.     When it is snowing or snow and/or ice is on the roadway; or

B.     For a period longer than twenty-four (24) consecutive hours; or

C.     For any period longer than that allowed by appropriate signs, markings or parking meters giving notice of such parking time limitation. 

o   Aggressively respond to public complaints
o   Be proactive on enforcement, not reactionary, by:
·      Code Enforcement to focus on problem areas at the onset of a storm
·      Code Enforcement to follow-up 24 hours after the storm event
·      Code Enforcement to notify Police Department of areas of non-compliance

You can also find this information on our City website main page at