Friday, January 24, 2014

City Council Recap 1/22/14

In the brief Council Meeting last Wednesday, there were a few business matters that took place.

Here's a recap:

The City Council officially approved the Mayor’s appointment of John Taylor as the new Taylorsville City Administrator/Chief Administrative Officer.  They also approved John Taylor to be the Taylorsville City Treasurer.

City Recorder Cheryl Peacock Cottle swearing in John Taylor

Keith Sorensen was appointed as the new Chairman of the LARP (Leisure Activities, Recreation and Parks) Committee.

Four members were appointed to the City’s newly reorganized Economic Development Committee:
                        Anna Barbieri
                        Dale Kehl
                        Jeff Nelson
                        Alan Rindlisbacher

A public hearing was also held during the Council Meeting regarding a proposed amendment to the Taylorsville Land Development Code.  It concerned professional office, research, and development zoning districts.  No public comments were made, and the Council adopted the proposed ordinance to amend the development code. 

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