Monday, February 24, 2014

City Council Recap 2/19/14

If you didn't make it to last Wednesday’s City Council Meeting, here’s what you missed:

Mayor Johnson presented Unified Fire Authority (UFA) Bureau Chief Jay Ziolkowski with a plaque from the City in recognition of his 16 years of extraordinary community service as the UFA liaison for Taylorsville.  Chief Ziolkowski has been given another assignment within the UFA.

UFA Bureau Chief Jay Ziolkowski introduced UFA Assistant Chief Mike Kelsey as the new Taylorsville UFA liaison.

The Taylorsville Green Committee appointed two new members:  Jeffrey Summerhays and Ricardo Maestas.

UPD Taylorsville Precinct Chief Tracy Wyant presented awards to Officer Grayson VanLeeuwen and Officer Chelsea Winslow. 

Officer Grayson VanLeeuwen received the Officer of the Month Award for December, 2013.  He earned this award for the successful recovery of two stolen vehicles.

Officer Chelsea Winslow received the Officer of the Month Award for January, 2014, and earned this award for her pro-active efforts in solving Taylorsville cases.
UPD Taylorsville Precinct Chief Tracy Wyant presented a quarterly report on law enforcement services in Taylorsville.  He cited statistics on general offenses, traffic offenses, and enforcement efforts.  Chief Wyant also described activities of the investigations unit and noted that transitioning to the Unified Police Department for law enforcement service has resulted in a large savings to Taylorsville.  This transition has greatly benefitted both citizens and police officers.  He also reported that there has been an improvement in response times. 
A public hearing was held regarding potential amendment to the city ordinance regarding the number of children allowed in a home daycare.  The Council adopted an ordinance (with a four-to-one vote) to uphold the Taylorsville Planning Commission’s recommendation to keep the limit for home daycare businesses at 12 children.
Following several months of consideration and input from citizens, the Council adopted an ordinance to amend city code regarding on-street parking, with regards to snow removal.  After considering several options, the Council approved (with a four-to-one vote) a change to city ordinance to prohibit parked vehicles on any city street or highway “after any snow and/or ice accumulation, until after the street or highway is cleared of snow and/or ice.” 

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