Monday, February 10, 2014

Come Participate in the 4th Annual Taylorsville Urban Cart Dart!!

Are you ready for the most fun you have ever had with a shopping cart?  Here is your chance to rescue those lonely, abandoned carts found along roadways and give them an adventure! On Saturday, March 1st, bring your cart, four of your friends, and get ready for an experience you won't soon forget... (You must register your team before the event!)

This year marks the 4th Annual Taylorsville Urban Cart Dart. Teams of five costumed participants with decorated carts will race against one another in an event with no set route, no particular order, and no clue who may be in front of you or who has more points than you. Teams will use their official issued map to determine their course, look for short cuts, and find ways to make up some time or creatively sabotage another team. Points are earned at each challenge and teams then return to the finish line to learn their fate…ahem…score.

Photographers along the course catch random moments of silliness, excitement over sabotaging another team, duct tape rolls in pockets and cans of silly string, and glee at the finish line. Ham Radio operators track the teams’ movement along the course and call in scores to our headquarters. Our judges read you the rules at each challenge but are often swayed by a tasty snack, a funny joke, an impromptu song and dance. Earning extra points from the judges might earn your team a trophy!
It’s an event that cannot be adequately described and is more fun to participate in than watch. These teams have strategy, they have carts full of tricks and fun, and they participate because it’s the most fun they will ever have with a shopping cart and friends. Businesses who sponsor the event get a team in free.

It’s the Taylorsville Urban Cart Dart coming to town on Saturday, March 1st, 2014. Follow us on our website (www.taylorsvilleurbancartdart.comfor updates and to register your team!

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